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Tavolavila is an invitation-only private supper club in San Francisco. Multi-course seasonal meals are hosted in a private home.

Our inspiration was the amazing (and amazingly long) dinner at Mariazinha in Oporto, Portugal. It is a 10-seat restaurant run completely by a husband (front of the house) and wife (back of the house) team. There is no menu. You eat what they prepared. There is a single sitting and it’s your table for the night.

Overall we have felt that dining is Europe is much less frenzied and frenetic than in the United States. While we enjoy the high energy of packed restaurants, it can be tiresome to have a waiter rush the bill to you so they can “turn tables” and get the next patrons (who are often crowded around the front door) into your spot.

We have set out to create a dining event. No one hovering to get your seat. No hushed tones of too-big-for-their-britches fancy restaurants. This is home cooking. You are eating out, but in.

Eat out in.

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