An Ode to the Kitchen Sink

An Ode to the Kitchen Sink

A perfect kitchen sink is framed by a window to a patch of greenery. It could be a vista toward the horizon or the garden where you clip herbs for dinner each night. As you let the foamy bubbles from the dish soap float against your hands, you can rest your gaze out the window, daydreaming.

A kitchen sink is often where stories linger.

Photo by Harry Grout on Unsplash

It’s the late night of washing endless wine glasses after a long dinner. You’ve turned up the music for one last push and a couple friends have stayed into wee hours of the night to help you, because they know you won’t go to sleep until it’s all clean and tidy. You’re all buzzed and exhausted, yet you’re still laughing about a joke that came up during the party.

You watch the kids scramble across the deck or the lawn as the sun starts to set and the big redwood tree casts long shadows. You let them enjoy the last moments of daylight before calling them in.

Your family member tells a story, filling in the gaps of a personal story you were only superficially aware of. You have a moment of connection as you wash, she dries. A narrative you have carried for years comes into clearer relief.

You make plans with your partner for your next vacation, as you finish washing dishes from a late Sunday breakfast. You pop the last strawberry into your mouth before washing the bowl.

Cover photo by Jim DiGritz on Unsplash

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