Pet Peeve about Before & Afters

Pet Peeve about Before & Afters

I love tales of transformation — the before & after stories about kitchen renovations, landscape projects, and personal accounts of pivoted lives. But one thing that really (like, really, really) annoys me about most before & after stories are the photos, especially of kitchen remodels.

Before photos are always dark and the kitchens are disastrous messes. Dishes are piled in the sink. Boxes of cereal lay opened on the table. Knick knacks and papers crowd the counters to the point where I can’t even imagine anyone can cook there. I can’t help but think, “Of course you have no counter space! You have too much crap all over the place!”

I often wonder what would happen if they would just clean and tidy up their “old” spaces and look at them with proper lighting. That alone would be a magical transformation. For free.

Before you take on a major renovation project — including a personal transformation — consider clearing out the clutter. Only then can you really see what works and what doesn’t. There’s a chance that simply by tidying up, you may discover that everything is just fine as it is.

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