Ode to Sitting Around the Fire

Ode to Sitting Around the Fire

With “Spare the Air” warnings in California now occurring throughout the year, we are seeing the end of the ability to enjoy an outdoor fire on a chilly evening. (Yes, I know…particulates in the air, pollution, health, etc., etc.) Municipalities are banning gas stovetops in favor of electric, removing the beloved blue flame from the kitchen.

Humans are drawn to fire as much as they are to water. It’s a fundamental defining characteristic of human beings — to create and sit around a fire. Anthropologists debate the specifics, but we know that humans have been using fire for a very, very long time.

Fire provides warmth, light and a place to cook — the fundamental pillars of feeling safe. According to this article, “the use of fire by humans has long been considered as a defining property of intelligence, separating us from other animals.” Researchers even suggest that sitting around a fire lowers your blood pressure.

These moments inspire long, wandering conversations. Host a poetry reading. Join an impromptu jam session. Tell ghost stories.

Photo by Gavin Van Wagoner on Unsplash

Add a few blankets and fixings for s’mores, and you’re all set!

Cover photo by Justin Leniger on Unsplash

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