Mood board: Modern Moorish

Mood board: Modern Moorish

I have used mood boards to gather visual inspirations for interiors, event designs and a host of other creative goals. Today I have been daydreaming of a dream home. Although my tastes vary widely (hello, modern farmhouse, beach house, and cottage in the redwoods!), I find myself gravitating toward the sunbaked colors of the Mediterranean coast.

I’ve been fascinated with Moorish architecture for years. I love the arched doors, secret courtyards, curly ironwork. The bright colors against an azure sea. I love creamy white walls and stained wood doors, the stone floors and hand painted tiles.

If I search for “Mediterranean decor,” I end up seeing a lot of faux-Tuscan interiors, cluttered with heavy furniture and complicated tapestries. I prefer a cleaner, calmer environment. I’m not a purist when it comes to design, but I do dream of a contemporary home informed by some of my favorite elements — the colors, shapes and materials — of the Mediterranean.

Here is a mood board I put together, anchored by a drum pendant that I have, which is made of red silk and filagree bronze designs. I hope to reunite with this gorgeous lamp that I curated for my previous home.

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