An Ode to Pantries

An Ode to Pantries

Before COVID-19, I shopped at the market every day. I loved having fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as whatever inspired me at the butcher or fish market. But as the world closed in on us, we were unsure how bad it would get, and if supply chains of fresh produce would be impacted. So we stocked up on pantry staples that could be simply assembled for meals.

My grocery list went from fresh items to canned beans and tomatoes, tins of tuna and anchovies, boxed pasta, rice, couscous and dried lentils. Dried herbs replaced fresh ones.

Our small kitchen got a lot smaller as these items piled up on every surface. I started to fantasize of a pantry, preferably a decadent walk-in one where I would keep my fantasy collection of lesser-used-but-still-essential small kitchen appliances (blender, mixer, spice grinder).

no room for a walk-in or a built-in? A stand-alone cabinet acts as a larder.
a tall cabinet next to the refrigerator becomes a convenient pantry
space for extra bowls and vertically stored trays
love the pull-out lower drawers so items are easier to access
Nice to have some counter space
Another beautiful stand alone larder

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