An Ode to Courtyards

An Ode to Courtyards

It’s interesting that, while many U.S. retailers are declaring bankruptcy or closing altogether, home improvement stores and garden stores say their sales are booming. People are recognizing their homes for what they are: sanctuaries. Your home is a living space, not a storage space. In other words, your home is for people, not just a convenient place for your stuff. Part of creating a sanctuary is to include nature.

If you have a courtyard, consider yourself lucky. Lockdowns, shelters in place, and quarantines have highlighted the importance of personal outdoor space. A courtyard, patio or a veranda large enough for you to sit quietly among plants is a privilege in a dense city.

For many of us who live in cities, our countryside estates, nestled against a vineyard, are faraway dreams. How do we turn our little shelf of concrete into an oasis? If you are lucky enough to have a courtyard, you can turn it into a little sacred space.

Even a little window can be a spot for nature. Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash
A cozy spot for outdoor dinners
Pavers softened by creeping thyme and a fountain create a relaxing spot
Fountains not only create a relaxing “babbling brook” atmosphere, but the water sounds can help drown out city noise
A mirror can create the illusion of a larger space.
Clean, modern lines complement the interior design
A touch of wine country nearby
My own attempt at a veranda herb garden

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