Returning to the kitchen

Returning to the kitchen

Well, after a three-year hiatus here I am again. My mom’s death three years ago last February deeply impacted me in ways that have surprised and dismayed me. For a very long time food simply didn’t taste that good. I could go on about trying to find joy again, and the insatiable hunger that grief leaves. It’s a textbook case of trying to fill the void with food and drink, and yet never finding the deep satisfaction that was once there.

But this is not a site about grief, or despair, or loneliness. It’s about love, and giving, and community.

So, here I am again. Thinking about cooking. Not the everyday cooking that, frankly, is often simple drudgery. I’m talking about pouring over cookbooks for inspiration, and learning about regional foods, and experiencing the connection with people over eating together.

I have started to consider rekindling some aspects of Tavolavila. For one, I’ve become interested in teaching children about food — about the science, the sense of self-reliance (everyone really should be able to prepare some fundamental meals for themselves that do not require a microwave), and the notion of eating with others (good-bye the sad desk salad at work).

Plus, I am looking to build an outdoor kitchen at my mom’s house, which opens a lot of possibilities for Tavolavila dinners there.

It’s going to be slow. I’m not sure what will happen to this site and what it’s new direction will be. Just know that I’m here again.

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