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Cook the Book

Cook the Book

Books clubs are great ways to expand your horizons and have meaningful conversations. They can also be great ways to explore cuisines. For your next book club meeting, consider cooking or eating dishes that capture the place or people of the books you’re reading. We will feature books here and suggested recipes.

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Supper Club

What’s the best part of a dinner party, besides the food? The gathering, the conversation that takes place around the table.

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Supper Club

Small Hands in the Kitchen

How do you teach children about science, math, the environment, and nutrition, all while exposing them to new flavors and creating a sense of independence? Teach them to cook!

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The Importance of Gathering

In our digital age of disconnection, gatherings are more critical than ever. Gathering around the table can nourish your body, your mind and your soul. Food can also tell stories — of a place, a people, or a time.

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The Importance of Gathering


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